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Support Options

Free Support Options

  • ThinkGeo Docs - The best resource to find API documentation, quick start guides, and product guides. To explore these resources, just choose the product of interest from the left side of the page.
  • Community Forms - Ask questions, post new ideas and get direct help from members of ThinkGeo's development team as well as other ThinkGeo users.

ThinkGeo also offers several paid avenues of support for users of ThinkGeo, or those who wish to have a custom GIS application developed using ThinkGeo technologies but lack the resources to do so themselves.

HelpDesk Support Tickets

ThinkGeo offers a HelpDesk ticket system to handle issues that are time critical or involve confidential data that cannot be shared with the community. You will need to login using your ThinkGeo account to access the HelpDesk portal. Once authenticated, select New Ticket in the sidebar on the left. Follow the prompts to create the ticket and a member of the ThinkGeo team will be with you as soon as possible.

We always suggest that for common questions or problems that you use the Community Forms. It's always good to check the forums, just in case you question was already answered by another member of the community.

Professional Services

ThinkGeo's professional services team is available to help you create the GIS application or project that you envision. If you have a GIS project that needs to get done, but lack the resources to build it from the ground up, let our professional services staff help. We offer project design, development, implementation and training services to help you bring your ideas to market quickly and affordably.