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ThinkGeo Cloud is a set of cloud-hosted RESTful APIs that have been designed to optimize your productivity in the world of mapping by taking away the complicated deployments, data warehousing and IT concerns that you would normally encounter. It can be consumed from web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps or services on a wide variety of platforms.

Getting Started

ThinkGeo Cloud is easy to get started - even if you don't have a lot of experience coding! Just log into the Cloud web console, grab your API key and get to work! We've put together a video that will give you a high-level overview of how to get started:

ThinkGeo Cloud Console

Log into the ThinkGeo Cloud Console to generating your client keys or view your cloud usage. You can also view the API reference and online samples any time.

Get a Client Key

A client key (can either be an APIKey, or ClientId and ClientSecret combination) is needed to consume the Cloud services. Two test client keys are pre-generated for each account and you can also create as many new keys as you want. Check out ThinkGeo Cloud Client Keys Guideline to see how to get the keys.

Consume the Online Services

Now with the key, you can hit the ThinkGeo Cloud RESTful APIs in any platform through any language. Check out ThinkGeo Cloud RESTful APIs and find out what APIs are available. By authorizing with a key (check it out here for how to do it), you can also try out those APIs online.

Furthermore, ThinkGeo Cloud .NET SDK and ThinkGeo Cloud JavaScript SDK are provided to make it easier for using the ThinkGeo Cloud RESTful APIs in a .NET/JavaScript application.


ThinkGeo Cloud includes the following Services. More Services are on the way. A complete API list can be found here: ThinkGeo Cloud APIs

Service Description
Maps Vector Tiles Consume XYZ vector map tiles
Maps Raster Tiles Consume XYZ raster map tiles
Maps WMS WMS service
Elevation Get elevation information of specified geometries
Geocoding Get the location from a US address
Reverse Geocoding Get the real world information of specified geometries
Routing Turn-by-turn directions, service area calculation and more.
Maps Query Perform spatial query against each types of data.
Projection Project the specified geometries
Colors Get related colors of specified color
Time Zones Get time zone information about a specified point

Try the APIs Online

Create your own service

  • ThinkGeo Cloud On-Premise is available to help you easily set up the ThinkGeo Cloud with all the above services on your own server.

Client SDK

ThinkGeo offers two prepackaged API clients for developers who want to use the ThinkGeo Cloud APIs in their applications. Currently the following API clients are available:

ThinkGeo Cloud .NET SDK


ThinkGeo Cloud JavaScript SDK

JavaScript SDK


You can find code samples in the GitLab repository below.

GitLab Samples Source

We also have samples running online at the link below.

Online Samples

It includes pure client-side sample consuming ThinkGeo Cloud.