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ThinkGeo on NuGet

Starting with version 10.0, ThinkGeo products are available via NuGet packages, simplifying the process of adding and updating references to our products. We offer two distinct build branches: production and development.

View all ThinkGeo packages here: NuGet ThinkGeo Packages

Production Builds (Stable)

Production builds are our thoroughly tested assemblies and are generally recommended for use. These versions follow a semantic versioning format, consisting of Major, Minor, and Patch segments (e.g., 10.1.2).

Major Releases

Major releases are denoted by a version number in the format X.0.0. These releases introduce significant changes and often include breaking changes from previous versions. For example, version 14.0.0 is a major release where Xamarin.Forms was replaced by MAUI in the Mobile Edition.

Minor Releases

Minor releases are marked with version numbers like X.Y.0. These typically include bug fixes and new features, usually released semi-annually. They may occasionally include minor breaking changes. For instance, version 14.1.0 represents such a release.


Hotfixes are indicated by version numbers formatted as X.Y.Z, where Z is greater than zero. These are primarily focused on bug fixes from the X.Y.0 release. For example, 14.0.1 is a hotfix following version 14.0.0, and 14.2.3 is the third hotfix for 14.2.0.

Development Builds (Unstable)

The Development Branch is built daily, provided there are new changes in the develop branch. These versions feature the latest additions and improvements but may not be fully tested, and APIs may change during the development phase. The versioning for these builds includes the next anticipated major version, followed by "beta" and a sequential build number. For instance, after releasing version 14.0.0, the subsequent development build might be version 14.1.0-beta001, indicating the first beta release leading up to the minor release of 14.1.0.