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Namespace: ThinkGeo.Core

Units describing various ways you can measure lengths.

public enum DistanceUnit

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnumDistanceUnit
Implements IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Length units are most commonly used when calling APIs that measure lengths. Regardless of the unit of measure your shapes are in, many of our APIs allow you to specify what unit of measure you want the result of the method call to be in. For example, you may have a LineShape whose points are in decimal degrees; however, you want to know the length in miles. This is easy to accomplish. Simply call the GetLength method on the LineShape, passing in the first parameter of decimal degrees (which defines what unit the shape is in), and then miles as the length unit you would like the result to be in.


Name Value Description
Meter 0 Meter
Feet 1 Feet
Kilometer 2 Kilometer
Mile 3 Mile
UsSurveyFeet 4 US Survey Feet
Yard 5 Yard
NauticalMile 6 Nauticalmile
Inch 7 Inch
Link 8 Link
Chain 9 Chain
Pole 10 Pole
Rod 11 Rod
Furlong 12 Furlong
Vara 13 Vara
Arpent 14 Arpent