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Namespace: ThinkGeo.Core

This enumeration represents the drawing level used in the GeoCanvas.

public enum DrawingLevel

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnumDrawingLevel
Implements IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


This enumeration is used to control the drawing level. If you draw an item on the first level and another item on the second level, the second level item will occlude the first. In this way, you can layer various drawing symbols to get unique effects. For example, you can create a road by first drawing a wide black line on level one, followed by a thinner white line on level two. The white line will draw on top of the black line and create the illusion of an outlined road. Adding a centered dashed line on level three will create a centerline.


Name Value Description
LevelOne 0 The first drawing level.
LevelTwo 1 The second drawing level.
LevelThree 2 The third drawing level.
LevelFour 3 The fourth drawing level.
LabelLevel 4 The level for label drawing