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Namespace: ThinkGeo.Core.LibTiff

Tag data type.

public enum TiffType

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnumTiffType
Implements IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Note: RATIONALs are the ratio of two 32-bit integer values.


Name Value Description
NOTYPE 0 Placeholder.
ANY 0 For field descriptor searching.
BYTE 1 8-bit unsigned integer.
ASCII 2 8-bit bytes with last byte null.
SHORT 3 16-bit unsigned integer.
LONG 4 32-bit unsigned integer.
RATIONAL 5 64-bit unsigned fraction.
SBYTE 6 8-bit signed integer.
UNDEFINED 7 8-bit untyped data.
SSHORT 8 16-bit signed integer.
SLONG 9 32-bit signed integer.
SRATIONAL 10 64-bit signed fraction.
FLOAT 11 32-bit IEEE floating point.
DOUBLE 12 64-bit IEEE floating point.
IFD 13 32-bit unsigned integer (offset)
LONG8 16 BigTIFF 64-bit unsigned long
SLONG8 17 BigTIFF 64-bit signed long
IFD8 18 BigTIFF 64-bit unsigned integer/long (offset)