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Namespace: ThinkGeo.Core

This enumation provides the options used to set the ZoomLevel Snapping Mode. In SnapUp or Default mode, there are only 20 preset ZoomLevels whose scales are set accordingly with OpenLayers' scales. You can change this by setting the SnappingMode to None, but in doing so, you will lose the ability to use the TileCache system.

public enum ZoomLevelSnappingMode

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnumZoomLevelSnappingMode
Implements IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Name Value Description
Default 0 This is the default value of the ZoomLevel SnappingMode. Currently, the default value
has the same effects as the SnapUp value.
SnapUp 1 This is the SnapUp value of ZoomLevel SnappingMode.
SnapDown 2 This is the SnapDown value of ZoomLevel SnappingMode.
SnapToClosest 3 This is the SnapToClosest value of ZoomLevel SnappingMode.
None 4 This is the None value of ZoomLevel SnappingMode.