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Licenses are required to run your application in the debugger. All licenses are created and managed through the ThinkGeo Product Center, which can be downloaded here. Just sign in with your thinkgeo account and download the appropriate version of the ProductCenter.exe.

ThinkGeo Desktop has 3 types of licenses:
1. Evaluation License
2. Developer License
3. Deployment License

Evaluation License

The first time you reference one of the ThinkGeo NuGet packages, your browser will open to prompt you to register for a ThinkGeo account. Once your account has been registered, download and run Product Center to begin your evaluation. This allows you to try all of our products for 30 days to see if it meets your needs. During this time, you can develop your application with the debugger attached. The screen may be watermarked to remind you of how many days you have left during your evaluation.

More details on evaluations can be found on our FAQ page.

What happens if my evaluation expires?

If your evaluation license has expired but you're still evaluating our product, contact and request an extension.

What if I need to demo my project without the debugger attached?

In this event, email, and we can issue a special license that will allow you to run the project in runtime mode. It will be watermarked, but we can work with you to tailor the watermark message. This is especially helpful when demoing something to a third party. We want to make the evaluation experience as easy as possible and would be happy to work with you.

Developer License

After your evaluation is complete and you purchase a license, you will activate a developer license via the Product Center. With an active developer license, you can run the application without watermarks when attached to the debugger.

If you need to move the developer license to another user in the future, you can deactivate the license through Product Center and reassign it.

More details on developer licenses can be found on our FAQ page.

Deployment License

Deployment licenses are required when you deploy your application to a server or container. This is typically when your application is deployed to a production environment. A deployment license can be easily created - see the Deployment page for details. There are no limitations to the number of deployment licenses you can generate.

Deployment licenses are perpetual and can be generated even if your developer subscription has lapsed.

More details on deployment licenses can be found on our FAQ page.